Weddings: Romantic, Adrenaline Rush, and Funny Proposal Ideas

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Taking a knee and holding the hand of the one you want to spend the rest of your life with will be one of the most amazing moments that you can experience.  Some of us make it a private event while others choose to share with loved ones.  The proposal doesn’t always go as smoothly as we had hoped for however it will be one of our most treasured memories as a couple.  No matter how you propose, you and your partner will never forget that day.  Here is some inspiration for potential wedding proposals.  They are categorized as Romantic, Adrenaline Rush, Funny, or any combination.

1. Follow the Flowers | Romantic

Tried and true methods are fan favorites.  A trail of flowers or petals that lead to a romantic stage with you and your proposal gets the heart beating fast.  Your stage can be a room full of flowers and candles or a spot overlooking the beach.  Grab your partner’s attention with a path that needs to be followed. 

2. Reenact your First Date | Romantic

Most of us are nervous on our first date and very excited to find out what can come from it.  Now you are well past the butterflies and you have become really close to your partner.  Repeating that first date will be very different now that you are in love.  Regardless if your first date was a traditional dinner and a movie, you can still make a very romantic proposal from revisiting that first date.  For example, you can watch a movie starring the same actor at the same theater and eat at the same restaurant.  Alternatively you can prepare the same meal at home.  If your first date had some unique aspects, a reenactment will naturally become an appropriate nostalgic bookend to your first date.
3. Dessert Anyone? | Romantic

Dinner proposals are quite common.  Sometimes proposal gestures are made within the entrée.  However, less people propose with the less suspected dessert.  Save a little room because a special dessert is on its way.  At home it’s easy to control what’s on the menu but at a restaurant a little extra preparation is needed.  Contact the restaurant and work with the kitchen.  Choose a dessert your partner will surely not turn down.  Then have the chef incorporate the engagement ring or a proposal message in or on the actual dessert.  This is such a sweet proposal idea.
4. Does that say what I think it Does | Romantic

There are an infinite number of ways to pop the question.  Though it doesn’t always have to be spoken first.  You can place the question right in front of your partner’s eyes in many different ways and precisely at special moments.  Think of how and where you can ask “Will you marry me?” in which it takes your partner’s breath away.  Skywriting, written with food, on a billboard, in rose petals, or conspicuously arranged fridge magnets are just a few possibilities.

5. Under the Sea | Adrenaline Rush and Romantic

Scuba diving requires certifications but if you and your partner share the love for underwater exploration, why not seal the deal where you may actually see a seal?  Okay that may be a bit cheesy but proposing underwater can truly be a great idea for lots of couples.  Proposals underwater have become more popular recently and we can see why.  Oceans are beautiful, full of color, and full of life.

6. Fall for your Partner all Over Again | Adrenaline Rush

Skydiving can be a thrilling event on its own but there is a way to maximize the jolt.  Proposing to your girlfriend or boyfriend as they drop from 10,000 feet above ground can make jumping out of a plane even more exhilarating.  The parachute won’t be the only thing that you will need to pack.  Don’t forget the engagement ring!

7. Team up with Spot | Romantic and Funny

There is no doubt that Americans love their pets.  As an honorary member of the family, they should at least get an audition to play a role for such a momentous occasion.  Consider finding a creative way to incorporate your dog, cat, or ferret (could be) into your marriage proposal.  You can teach your pet a trick specifically for a proposal such as fetching a pet-friendly container holding the engagement ring.  Maybe you can have your furry friend distract your date at a well-rehearsed moment.  Any way you choose, your partner should appreciate your 4 legged assistant.

8. Matryoshka Dolls | Romantic and Funny

Are you familiar with the Russian Matryoshka Dolls?  They are a hollowed (usually wooden) set of dolls that descend in size.  One doll fits inside another slightly larger doll inside another slightly larger doll and so on.  You can place the engagement ring within the tradition dolls themselves.  Better yet, you can use multiple sized gift boxes that are wrapped within each other.  Strategically place the gift box somewhere that you know when and where it will be opened.  Once you see the smallest box is ready to be unwrapped you should quietly walk behind your significant other, bend down on one knee, and prepare to say those magic words.

9. Fun and Games | Funny

Game nights are perfect for a gathering with friends and plenty of belly laughs.  Let your friends in on the plan.  Instead of plainly asking for a hand in marriage have your girlfriend or boyfriend decipher a drawing, figure out a gesture, or solve a riddle that asks the question for you.  Your partner will be so engaged and caught up in the game that your proposal will be such a welcomed surprise.

These suggestions should help you get started on planning out this unforgettable moment in your lives.  Take one of these ideas and customize it to fit you and your partner.  If you prefer going in another direction, hopefully you are at least inspired by these ideas to create your own version of a marriage proposal.  Remember that you don’t have to make everything too perfect or necessarily go over the top.  The key to a successful marriage proposal is that you are sincere and thoughtful.  That is something that your future wife or husband will appreciate.


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