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Considerably the biggest decision of an invited wedding guest is to choose what to give the husband and wife to be as a wedding gift. Ideally, presents to the bride and groom should be thoughtful, timeless, and can be useful for many years to come. Then your goal should be that the gift will have all of these traits and be purchased within your budget.

The Gift Registry is Required?

Most of the guests will flock to the registry to make a purchase since it is easy, straightforward and reflects the direct preferences of the couple. If you are quick enough, you may be able to find a reasonably priced item or two before all of the good options are gone. If you take too long to shop, you may be left buying a bronze napkin holder or 2 quart pot to represent your regard for the future legal lovebirds. And even though the then newlyweds will appreciate anything you give them, you may have a little buyer’s remorse if you don’t give them something that’s up to your standards. Plus, if they were close enough to you to invite you to their wedding, you are probably going to see them again sometime in the future knowing that they know what you bought them for a wedding gift. While we would like to think otherwise, we live in a society of people who judge. Also, if you find yourself in a situation where only big-ticket items are left, consider the group gifting option that allows guests to collectively chip in money and buy an expensive item from the registry together.

Experience or Excursion

It’s not uncommon for couples to live together before marriage which means that many of them already have the standard basics for furnishing their homes. Then what gifts should you buy them? As an alternative to traditional gifts, some registries have cash funds that guests can make contributions. You may even have the ability to buy individual experiences or excursions as presents. The trend is that gifting experiences like a river cruise, jet skis rental, or zip lining tour are gaining popularity. If the couple decided not to have a registry, find an experience that you think the couple would enjoy. Keep the booking open to date changes and flexibility so that the newlyweds can choose when is best for them. Products break, get old, or become useless. Experiences will be remembered for a lifetime.

Photo Frame and Prints

One of the most thoughtful gifts someone can give to newlyweds is a beautiful large frame for one of their many wedding or first year of marriage photos. In a day of digital images, cell phones, and social media, sometimes couples forget to register for frames or albums. Similarly, you can make a collage using lots of pictures you have with them or just use images of the couple only. Most presents are nice for the couple to receive and have around the house for a little while but framing some of their best memories will be appreciated much longer.

Meal Kit Delivery Service Subscription

Another idea that’s off the beaten path would be to buy the couple a meal kit deliver service subscription. Pay for a few months or a whole year depending on your budget. There are lots of companies offering meal kit delivery now. The first years of marriage can be chaotic. This will save the couple time grocery shopping and give them the gift of valuable quality time together.

Spa Day

Would you like to receive a day of relaxation, tension relieving activities, and pampering? It sounds great, right? Imagine how the couple will feel if you gifted them a couples’ spa day. You can buy a day of massages, saunas, skincare, and more near their home. Or if you know where they are travelling after their wedding, book them a spa day where they are going on their honeymoon. Likewise, if you know which hotel the couple is going to spend their wedding night or honeymoon, get them a gift card to the hotel so that they can enjoy more services like in-room purchases, room service, and spa treatments at your expense during their stay.

Personalized Wall Sign and Decor

After the newlyweds navigate their wedding day and honeymoon extravaganza, it will be time for them to get back to their normal life routine. A perfect way to welcome them home after their epic events is to custom make an oversized “Mr & Mrs”, “Happily Married Since (year)”, “We Said ‘I Do’ to Forever”, etc. sign that will be hung up and displayed in their house. Whenever they come home after having a long day at work, the sign will instantly put a smile on their faces and remind them of you.

Anniversary Wine, Rack, and Personalized Wine Glasses

Plenty of couples would love to have a romantic date night with a glass of wine or champagne now and again. Anniversary nights are one of the biggest date nights of the year. Buying a few bottles of expensive wine for the freshly wed couple and suggesting to them that they only open the bottles on their first anniversary will elevate date night to another level. You can accommodate the wine with an elegant wine rack and pair of personalized wine glasses with their initials or fun “Husband” and “Wife.”

We hope you like at least one of these unique wedding gift ideas. At the very least, we wanted to inspire your creativity on your search for the right present.

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